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Monarch Human Performance Podcast: Dr. Anthony Walker.

Dr. Anthony Walker is an occupational physiologist, specializing in the performance of tactical operators working in extreme environments. He is the managing director of Optimised Human Performance, a consultancy group specializing in maximizing the human capital potential of staff working in high pressure, high intensity environments. 

With 15 years as a professional firefighter and officer, Anthony has the unique insight into preparing tactical operators that can only be gained through a combination of research and experience.

In this episode Anthony talks about:

  • The logistical landscape of the Australian Fire Service.

  • The impact of heat stress upon firefighters.

  • The impact of body composition on heat stress.

  • Effective pre and post cooling procedures to reduce heat stress on firefighters.

You can contact Anthony via his website at Optimised human performance or via twitter @walk547

Keep up to date with Monarch Human Performance via our website at, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages @monarchhumanperformance.

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