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Monarch Human Performance Podcast: Daniel Cooper

Dan is a 18 year veteran of Australian Special Operations with extensive experience on combat operations throughout his career.  Dan also has a parallel passion for human performance with academic knowledge coupled with practical experience developing human-performance programs for Special Operations and later within elite performance sport.

He is now focused on researching evidence-based practice for developing optimal performance behaviors to maximize accurate information processing, response selection and stress resilience in high consequence, complex and adaptive environments. Dan is also an avid practitioner in testing his physical and mental limits though participation in varied competitions as well as the worlds toughest adventure races and ultimate endurance events.

In this episode Dan talks about:

  • His Military career and his choice to join the Special Air Service (SAS).

  • The Physical and Psychological demands of Special forces selection.

  • His interest in human performance and his role of developing a performance programme in special forces.

  • His transition in to professional sport and his work with Queensland Reds.

  • His involvement in adventure racing and his preparation for the Idiatarod 1000 mile trail race.

  • His current PhD research looking at the impact of anxiety on performance.

You can keep up to date with Daniel via his Instagram page @dancooper_msc or via his website at

Book Recommendation: The liberator by Felix Sparks

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