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Monarch Human Performance Podcast: Pete Howe

Pete Howe is a former Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor and member of UK Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). He has over 13 years experience in physical training and preparing individuals for the rigors of Military service within the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. He currently works as a private contractor at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) helping to physically train international officers for the demands of a naval career.

In addition to his Military career he was a member of the GB Bobsleigh team and is now a competitive Crossfitter.

In this episode Pete talks about:

  • His career in the Royal Marines and his transition to full time athlete as part of the GB bobsleigh team.

  • His role at Britannia Royal Naval College.

  • Some of the common faults in individuals preparation to join the Royal Marines and Royal Navy.

  • His transition in to Crossfit.

  • The growth of Crossfit within the British Military and how individuals can incorporate Crossfit in to their current training. 

You can stay up to date with Pete via his Instagram pages at Petehowe79 and zn_zonenutrition. You can also contact him via his Facebook page.

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