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Monarch Human Performance Podcast: Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy is an internationally recognized Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 12 years of experience consulting and coaching within various law enforcement agencies. This is combined with 10 years of service within operational Law Enforcement, having worked in general duties policing, public order and tactical response teams. 

In addition to working as a practitioner, Jeremy has both published and presented internationally several research studies within the field of Strength and Conditioning for specialist tactical teams. 

In this episode Jeremy discusses:

  • His move from serving in Law enforcement to becoming a performance coach.

  • The challenges of working with tactical personnel vs the traditional sport model.

  • How his training and testing model has evolved over the years. 

  • Individualizing training for younger operators and older veterans.

  • How he achieved buy-in from the officers he worked with.

You can contact Jeremy via email on and stay up to date with his instagram page. 

Keep up to date with Monarch Human Performance via our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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