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Monarch Human Performance Podcast: Dr. Kate Colvin.

Dr. Kate Colvin is a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant with over a decade of industry experience. Kate has had the pleasure of working with high performance tactical units from various Nations and is currently working as the Lead Tactical Performance Psychologist for EXOS on a tactical project in Europe. In addition to her work in the tactical field Kate has worked with collegiate, professional, and Olympic level athletes as well as Fortune 500 Companies. Kate believes that if you want to get your grind right, you must first get your mind right.

In this episode Kate talks about:

  • Her path to becoming a performance Psychologist.

  • The skills operators can utilize to develop enhanced mental performance.

  • How she has incorporated yoga in to the training of operators to help switch off and down regulate.

  • The use of imagery within injury rehabilitation.

  • Her work as part of Leaving the sideline, a non profit organization that provides resources to Active Service Members, Veterans, and NFL Alumni to increase suicide awareness and reduce the suicide rate.

Resources discussed:


The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. van der Kolk

Breath by James Nestor

Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday





To learn more about Leaving the sideline please see their website at or via Instagram @leaving_the_sideline and Facebook @leavingthesideline

You can keep up to date with Kate via her social media channels on Instagram: @thetacticalpsych and Linkedin:

Keep up to date with Monarch Human Performance via our website at, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages @monarchhumanperformance.

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